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February 09, 2012 by Ryan Gruss
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beatamatix said:

So where do I download these loops from to remix this?


BLAIR said:



nicolehong said:

i like my song


Name said:

What’s wrong here?? I enjoy playing with loops and samples.. BUT, I assume this is to promote The Loop Loft and put there name out there to associate it with quality material, right?? Why are all the loops listed as 90, as in BPM, when they’re all really 82.69??

The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft said:

To the commenter below, it sounds like you don’t have your audio in your DAW set to 48 kHz… it’s probably at 44.1, which is why the BPM isn’t lining up for you. Switch it to 48 kHz and you’ll be good to go :)


ricchavez said:

how many remixes can be submitted per person?

The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft said:

@ricchavez Try to limit it to 2 or 3 max. The world might implode if we produce too much jazz flute.


nioclank said:

the loops I got aren’t looping right.

can we fix the loops or does that disqualify a submission from the contest?

The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft said:

@nioclank What issues are you having? They’ve all been tested and work fine. Just make sure you have your audio set to 48 kHz… not all DAWs automatically convert to this sampling rate when importing wav files.


steve said:

Enjoyed this one


Agar-Agar said:

I’ve spent a moment on this one. Enjoyed processing these samples, playing guitar and using old drum machines. It all ended up sound like some “Snatch Funk”.


Twobs said:

Order up.
Hot funk to table two.


Megabarbaro said:

I totally disagree with this selection. Maybe people is not voting a lot because they also too. Nobody knows the criteria used for the selection. Must of the songs selected are 90 % noise, 9 % music and 1 % the flutes…there is no funky music in these songs. There were much better ideas…much better constructions of the flutes inside a song…much better development of musical ideas combined with the flutes. Maybe I am wrong and this is the future of music or…the music of the future…

man in a shed

man in a shed said:

Thanks to all those who have voted for me so far. Unfortunately my voting button stopped working quite soon after the voting was launched yesterday, so I don’t think any of my votes are getting through…

The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft said:

Hi Everyone,

We just heard back from Webdoc about the voting issues some people were having and this is their response. Basically, people just need connect to Webdoc first (via Twitter or Facebook logins) and then their vote will register:

“Here is the process:

1) go to
2) if you want to vote we will invite you to register to webdoc (fb connect Twitter connect or email log-in)
3) you will vote just by clicking on the radio button
4) you’re invited to share on fb or twitter.

You don’t need to click on post a reply. I’m sorry if this is a bit confusing and we will update this to get a better user experience really soon."

So, we apologize for any confusion. Now, go spread the word and tell people to vote!

The Loop Loft

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