2 New Producer Packs + More Platinum!

We're pleased to announce the release of two new Producer Packs.  The concept behind the new Producer Packs is to provide massive, bundled collections of our drum loops, grouped by style and genre (and providing a savings of 35% at the same time!).  Producer Pack Vol 1 is more experimental in nature with a range of jazz, world and cinematic releases, while Producer Pack Vol 2 is more contemporary and backbeat oriented, with a wide selection of pop, indie rock, funk and hip hop selections.

Producer Pack Vol 1 - Jazz, World & Cinematic

Producer Pack Vol 2 - Rock, Funk, Indie Rock & Hip Hop

Contained in this bundle:

Expanded Platinum Pack - Save 50%!

We just expanded our popular Platinum Pack bundle to include our entire line of wav, rex and aiff loops (over 3.25 GB of content), providing you with a 50% savings!  From cinematic to jazz to world to hip hop to indie rock, this collection contains EVERYTHING.  In short, it's both of our Producer Packs with an additional 15% savings.  If you're a serious composer, sound designer, producer or songwriter looking for the ultimate drum loop collection, then The Platinum Pack is for you!

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