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Doug Wamble: The Loop Loft Interview

by James Chazin on

In the first of a new series of interviews, we chat with American jazz musician and Loop Loft artist, Doug Wamble. Where are you from and how...

Bass Pedals: Creating the Perfect Signal Chain

by James Chazin on - 1 Comment

Loop Loft artist Janek Gwizdala gives us a peak into his bass pedal setup and shows how he creates "the perfect signal chain" for bass guitar.

5 Creative Reverb Techniques

by Rory PQ on - 2 Comments

Reverb is a fundamental part of every mix, and one of the most widely used audio effects. Treating your music with reverb is necessary to create the...

8 ways to find inspiration in the studio

by Ray Reich on - 8 Comments

Have you ever sat there in front of the computer, and no matter how long you waited, the ideas just didn’t come? Have you ever started...

6 Mixing Mistakes to Avoid

by Ray Reich on - 21 Comments

Bouncing the dreaded “final mix” is one of the most crucial steps we take before our song is irrevocably released into the...

Is This Synth Heaven??

by Ryan Gruss on - 4 Comments

Montreal electro funk duo, Chromeo, have packed up their massive arsenal of vintage synths and relocated to a new studio, deep in the heart of Burbank, California. <div...

Using MIDI and Audio Drum Loops Together (Video)

by Ryan Gruss on - 12 Comments

Wondering how to add a little polyrhythmic spice to your 4/4 grooves?  In this video, we use Ableton Live to show you how to take a simple audio...

5 Essential Tips For Looping

by Ryan Gruss on - 4 Comments

Wondering where to get started with loops? Are you staring at your DAW, waiting for inspiration to strike?? Here's the good news: Loops are...

Why The Loop Loft?

by Ryan Gruss on

We sat down with Los Angeles based producer, composer and bassist, Mocean Worker, to find out how he integrates The Loop Loft into his...

VIDEO: An Inside Look At Moog HQ

by Ryan Gruss on - 1 Comment

Wondering what it looks like inside the headquarters of the world's greatest analogue synth maker? Our friends at Vintage King took their camera's down to Moog's Asheville, North...