It’s hard for us not to be biased when we say The Loop Loft produces the highest quality loops available anywhere. This is why we’ve compiled just a few of the many praises sent in by customers to share with you.

Customer Testimonials:

"First, I wanted to say how much I love the stuff you release. Finding drum loops that fit the music I make had been a real problem until I started using Loop Loft loops. Now it is much easier find drums that match the sound that's in my head."

"The Live Dub Step and Ringo Goes Indy packs are fantastic!  They sound great and very flexible in the multi-track state.  Thanks (as always) for the great products!  FYI – I own Drumcore, XLN Addictive drums, as well countless loop packages --- yet find myself going  more and more to my Loop Loft library first when fleshing out new ideas."

"Home recording means I am producer, engineer, songwriter, singer, backup singer, guitar player, bass player and keys/sampler/synth player. Having a versatile, great sounding collection of drum loops in a variety of styles from The Loop Loft helps lighten some of that load without compromising the sound I want to achieve."

"WOW. I think the brush refill is AMAZING.  I would dare say "definitive".  I listened to the demo on Propellerhead's site and was blown away.  Aside from that I just wanted to say I admire your dedication, from the excellent recording (perfect balance for a stereo mix btw) to your exploration of naming things which is soooooo important with our insane amount of samples.  A big thumbs up!" 

"I am so glad I found The Loop Loft!  Whenever I fire up Reason/Record the first thing i head for is my Loop Loft folder. The quality of the content is fantastic, with enough variation to make any project easy to get off the ground.  If you have not tried the great packages here then you are missing out on a world of fun and creativity!"

"I wanted you to know that I just purchased the Reason "The Art of Brushes" library and think it's fantastic!  Great feel (which is so hard to find).   I'm really looking forward to more.  I liked it so much, I'm going to purchase The Platinum Pack and then await more Reason releases in the future."

“I’m really happy with the loops and look forward to your future releases. True quality is hard to find for a newbie to DAW music production like me and I was lucky this time. I love the high recording quality and the “analog” factor of the way the loops are recorded and played. It saves me a fortune in buying expensive hardware equipment and the hassle of my wife being unhappy with a drum set downstairs!"

“Bravo for your work, your loops sounds great and most PERSONAL. As a drummer/producer myself I can appreciate the drumming and the production.”

“Like I said before, I like your loops: most loop collections – and over the years I bought quite a few pricey cd-roms for my old Roland S760 sampler over the years – inherently have stuff that doesn’t fit your particular taste or material, that’s fine and inevitable, but I find a lot of drum loop stuff disappointing for another reason: the loops are well-played and well-recorded but they’re not handy or usable in any kind of musical setting because they’re too ‘busy’ with too many funky details and flourishes and bass drum hits in all the wrong places… I don’t need a drum clinic, I just need a drum track for my pop song. You seem to understand what these loops are for! So thanks!”

"I've just purchased your brushes pack.  Fantastic!  I've been looking for something like this for quite a while.  This very much fills the void. I've tried other programmes, but this one is the real thing.  Thanks!"

“I love the loops, especially all this odd meter stuff. I can play all of my usual music over the top of it and sound like a god!”

“The feel of your loops sound awesome, and more useable than what I’ve heard from other offerings, especially from Beta Monkey or Drums on Demand. I think your product stands head and shoulders above anything I’ve heard, both in feel and attitude.”

Are you a happy Loop Loft customer with a testimonial that you'd like to share?  If so, just drop us a line here!