Remix Contest - Win Over $1k in Prizes!

Are you ready to get funky?  Are you ready to win over $1,000 in prizes? Let's do this.

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  • To the commenter below, it sounds like you don’t have your audio in your DAW set to 48 kHz… it’s probably at 44.1, which is why the BPM isn’t lining up for you. Switch it to 48 kHz and you’ll be good to go :)

    The Loop Loft on
  • What’s wrong here?? I enjoy playing with loops and samples.. BUT, I assume this is to promote The Loop Loft and put there name out there to associate it with quality material, right?? Why are all the loops listed as 90, as in BPM, when they’re all really 82.69??

    Name on
  • i like my song

    nicolehong on
  • “THANNNX” …

    BLAIR on
  • So where do I download these loops from to remix this?

    beatamatix on

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