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The legendary drummer behind David Bowie, Daft Punk, Miles Davis and many more.

Omar Hakim

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Mocean Worker discusses how he incorporates The Loop Loft into his production workflow.

Why The Loop Loft?

Instant access to multitrack drums featuring the world's top drummers.

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Taking beats and samples to another level.

Nate Smith

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A few words from happy customers.

“I love this stuff and I use it all of the time in my own productions.”

– Leo Sidran (Producer/Composer)

“When you down in the mood and can’t find your groove, maybe it’s time to check out The Loop Loft with funk attitude!”

– Bootsy Collins (Legendary Bassist)

“If you want your music to have something that puts it over the edge and makes it truly unique and original, I strongly suggest The Loop Loft.”

– Mocean Worker (Producer/Composer)

"I never thought I would ever work with loops in my projects, until now. These loops are right on the money and bring out the life of the drum tracks."

– Chris Bates (Producer/Composer)

What I love most about The Loop Loft is how having these tracks spur my creativity. The all-star tracks are like playing with the absolute best. I love it!

– Julie Thompson (Producer/Composer)

Live At The Blue Note NYC

The Loop Loft All-Stars