One Mic - One Instrument: Bob Reynolds (feat. Nate Smith)

This installment of One Mic - One Instrument features Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Bob Reynolds (along with a drum loop from the incredible Nate Smith). Utilizing an AEA KU5A ribbon microphone, Bob lays down a bass line and then overdubs an extremely soulful lead line on top.

For those curious about even more tech specs, I inserted the Solid Dynamics and Supercharger GT compressor plug-ins from Native Instruments to give the sax some more presence. On the drums, I also inserted the Solid Dynamics plug-in (Parallel Drums preset) to give them a bit more of a "pumping" vibe in the mix.

Interested in accessing Bob and Nate's performances for your own tracks? Just click the links below for more info on their signature libraries from The Loop Loft.

Bob Reynolds sax loops:

Nate Smith drum loops:

Bob Reynolds

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