Linear Lockdown feat. Charlie Hunter


This video initially started off as me just drumming by myself and doing my best impersonation of the great David Garibaldi, running through a variety of linear grooves (where, for the most part, no two limbs strike a drum or cymbal at the same time) and having fun triggering the fantastic Grainy Beat kit from XLN Audio's Addictive Drums.

It wasn’t until I was mixing the Ableton session and browsing through my folders of plugin-ins (relying heavily on various offerings from iZotope and Universal Audio) that I realized this might be the perfect feel for some loops I released a few years ago from the amazing Charlie Hunter. I opened up the folders from his “Funk Guitars” pack and BAM! His “Tower” sessions had all of the right elements to go along with what I was doing rhythmically on the kit. I quickly put together an arrangement, stacking his bass, rhythm, Leslie and lead guitars to build this two minute long track, paying homage to one of the greatest bands ever, Tower of Power. 

Rather than just sharing the video, I’ve decided to share the full Ableton session along with the stems so that you can use the various elements in any DAW. So now… go ahead and remix this track and please share/tag us with your results. I can’t wait to hear what you all do with it!

CLICK HERE to download!

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  • Hi and THX. Unfortunately, the dl link does not work. It says, the file got deleted …


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