Is This Synth Heaven??


Montreal electro funk duo, Chromeo, have packed up their massive arsenal of vintage synths and relocated to a new studio, deep in the heart of Burbank, California.


“We wanted to set up shop in LA to make this album, a la Steely Dan “Aja”. One of those 70’s, really slick, ‘New York band in Los Angeles’ kind of albums.”

From what we can see (and hear), they definitely have the tools to make that happen. Which synth in Chromeo's collection is your personal favorite? 

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    Aira on
  • Man, seeing your studio makes me feel like a kid that wants to visit the “candy shop” that you’ve set up. My very first synth was a Roland Juno 106. I would still have it to this day but it was taken from me (long story) and I was very upset about it. Now, I have a Kurzwell 2500 that was left to me by my best friend of 31 years and a KOMPLETE KONTROL S61. Due to a disability, I don’t get to play on them as often as I’d like but, they are there when I do. Keep up the great music and look forward to new music from the two of you.


    DJ Bear on
  • ^ agreed, some EXS24 instruments would be fantastic.

    Chris on
  • My idea of heaven – could quite happily spend the rest of my days in a room like that!

    Philip Darling on
  • It’d be cool if these guys made an ALP for the Loop Loft.

    Coby on

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