Using MIDI and Audio Drum Loops Together (Video)


Wondering how to add a little polyrhythmic spice to your 4/4 grooves?  In this video, we use Ableton Live to show you how to take a simple audio loop in four and combine it with MIDI grooves in 3/4 and 4/4 (8 bars long), to create something entirely new and unique.

The audio loops used in this video come from Dry Drums Vol 1 and the MIDI loops are from Nothing But Three and Long Loops

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  • That’s great.Another way to add groove to my loops and to explore our
    creativity.Thank you Ryan

    Typical G on
  • Thanks for posting this. I play bass, some keys and guitar and totally fumble when trying to tap or write drum patterns. Usually I sing something and convert to midi in Live.

    This might be an answer to a tune I’ve got that feels 4 but has a triplet over the top for the chords.

    Okay, gonna get busy now.. Thanks! t

    Tolbert Pitman on
  • What’s up Ryan—-Do you have a tutorial for how to use drum tracks in Reason..I’m new to this DAW recording..thanks I greatly appreciate it.

    ron on
  • Great stuff! Love the creative video editing!

    Ben on

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