100 Iconic MIDI Drum Loops - Introducing "Classic Beats"

I'm excited to announce the release of a project we've been working on for quite some time.  Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Classic Beats!  The concept for this collection was to take 100 of some of the most influential songs of the past 30 (and even 40) years, deconstruct the original drum grooves, and accurately reproduce them in MIDI format.

That's right.  Everything from Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean", to Daft Punk's "Hard Better Faster Stronger", we took into account every hi hat, kick, snare and ride cymbal note in the main grooves for each track, and recorded live MIDI tracks with the exact same beats, allowing you to now seamlessly utilize these famous grooves in your own DAW, with any drum sound you want.

You're probably asking yourself, "But wait, isn't this illegal?  Aren't these grooves protected by copyrights??".  Well, it turns out that they are not (according to Standford Law School.... and I think they might know what they are talking about).  The Fair Use Project states: "Basic drumbeats and rhythm patterns should not be subject to copyright protection at all and there is substantial case law that says they are not."

So there you go.  Take these classic drum beats and starting making new music!

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  • Just happen to see the comment relating to DAWs; as a hardened (read biased Cubase) user, I would recommend Cubase above all else, the interface costs are not even a plus, the sheer power and functionality of the software blows PT away… yes many, many studios use PT – reason it was the digital tape recorder of choice, not the platform to arrange and create something… rant over ..grrr

    Koisan X on
  • very useful blog Thank you!

    Brett Jackson on
  • Pro Tools is the Best. It is used by a lot of studios. The donwdise is that you have to use their proprietary digidesign interface or Mbox. Cubase is also very powerful. You can get the light version usually free when you buy an audio interface. The interfaces compatible with Cubase are substantially cheaper. I use Cubase with a Tascam US1604 interface ($399) it gives you 16 inputs in total, including midi and comes bundled with a free copy of Cubase LE. Other people have good success with Adobe Audition. I would recommend Pro Tools if you can afford it, if not go the Cubase route. It is widely used and is as powerful as Pro Tools. There are forums on the internet for Cubases users who will offer you tons of help learning it.

    Sonia on

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