Introducing loops for Stylus RMX!

We recently polled our customers and asked what type of format they would like that we didn't currently offer, and the overwhelming response was Stylus RMX!  So, we rolled up our sleeves, locked ourselves in the editing studio, and customized our entire library specifically for Stylus RMX users.
Today we're proud to announce the official release of Loop Loft for Stylus RMX!

Watch the RMX loops in action: 
If you've already purchased one of the collections in another format (WAV, REX2 or AIFF) and would like to receive the same item in Stylus RMX format, just drop us a line here and we'll send you a crossgrade in 24 hours or less!

RMX Loop Packs:
- The Platinum Pack (Save 50%)
- The Artist Series Bundle (Save 50%)
- Doug Wamble
- Everything But Sticks
- Celso Alberti
- Indie Rock Bundle
- Eric Harland
- Art of Brushes
- And many, many more...

Stylus RMX Loops - Spectrasonics

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  • I have need this software..

    tushar jadhav on
  • Sardaukar: Of course there are. But this might be hlufpel for people who do already have a N810 and don’t want to (or can’t) buy a standalone charger.Tim: The idea wasn’t mine – Quim told me that it is possible. Also, my N900 refuses to charge the battery, so that’s something that I actually need to do right now ;)

    Tasnia on
  • Good, but Id’n hav’t this software.
    I need’t.
    how much?

    Raymond Rosario on
  • thank’s for 2012

    s.k.mohanty on
  • Hi Dan,

    Yes, we’re more than happy to send you multiple formats of the Platinum Pack. Just reply to your download link email after your receive and tell us that you would like the WAV versions as well. We’ll manually send you a new link ASAP!

    The Loop Loft

    Ryan Gruss on
  • Is it possible to receive both wav and RMX versions in a single purchase of the Platinum Pack? Thanx

    Dan Ling on
  • Hi Pierrick,

    Thanks for your comment. To answer your question, yes, you need to first purchase Stylus RMX to use our loops in this manner.

    However, if you don’t own RMX, you can also purchase our loops in either WAV, REX2 or AIFF (Apple Loops) format to work natively in your software.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    The Loop Loft

    Ryan Gruss on
  • Hi there this is me from France. This way of sculpting the sound seems awesome. However am I just permitted to ask just one question. Is it necessary to get first the Stylus RMW plug-in order to benefit from the advantages of that format.?

    Pierrick BAYARD on

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