Video: Making Linear Loops in Reason 6

In this video, I show you how to create linear drum loops in Reason 6 by utilizing slice edit mode in Dr. Octo Rex to deconstruct a straight forward rock groove and fill the gaps with ReDrum.  The ReFill I'm using in this example is Indie Rock Drums Vol II.

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December 13, 2011 by Ryan Gruss
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anthony bura

anthony bura said:

again your video has opened the floodgates of creativy!
dont know how im going to sleep at all this weekend.

ryan, thank you!


Marlien said:

Thanks for being on point and on tagret!

Cecilia Brown

Cecilia Brown said:

Oooooooh Man!

My juices are flowing. I was hoping to slow down over the Christmas period……. Guess What!

Thanks Ryan

Paul Perkes

Paul Perkes said:

Awesome ideas for syncopation and backbeats. Inspiring video! Cheers!


drhill said:

Cool stuff – thanks for putting this together!

Tony "kheart" Kelly

Tony "kheart" Kelly said:

Yo Dog, WAAAAY Cool, Leaning Reason and how to use my loops from THE Loft is more than just inspiring ,its so much fun.


Roy said:

Some inspiring sounds and grooves there! Cool!!!

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