Video: Multitrack Drums in Ableton + Free Template


In some of my past videos, I've shown you how to work with multitrack drums inside of Logic and manipulate loops in Reason 6, but today my focus is on Ableton.  In this video, I utilize the Felt & Wires Multitrack Session to explain my workflow for:

  • setting up the session before loading the audio files 
  • getting a quick rough mix
  • recording a live arrangement from session view
  • grouping the tracks to clean things up
And as a bonus, I've provided the same template I use in the as a free download.  If you own the Felt & Wires Session, or any other of our Multitrack Sessions, this will be a great starting point for setting up your tracks in Ableton.
Click here to download the template!
Have any questions or comments?  Leave 'em below!

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  • Great deal with this ! Awsome video ! Thank u !

    Leandro Antognolli on
  • download link? (template)

    fernando on
  • I enjoyed and learned so much here. Thank you. It was very clear and easy to follow.
    Can I ask which screen capture package are you using as I like how it zooms in (makes a bit difference to the learning process). regards
    Dez (in the Hutch)

    The Hutch on
  • I tried making one like this..But did not work as smooth..Also the download is gone?!

    Simone White on
  • Thanks

    Jim Anderson on
  • nice, thorough tutorial!

    one note on file management, though: it is much easier to group all your clips by instrument rather than by scene or “song part”, as it allows you to select all then drag-n-drop /all/ clips of a specific instrument into the session view.

    a bit of a time saver if you’ve got gobs of clips and/or instruments…

    Jeff Schmidt on

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