Wide Open Drums Vol 3

by The Loop Loft

$ 39.00

Isn't it time you let your drum tracks sound like "real" drums? That's exactly why we produced the all new Wide Open Drums Volume 3. For this massive loop and sample collection, we got rid of all duct tape, moon gels, towels, wallets, blankets and everything else that kills the "natural" overtone (and power) of live, acoustic drums. The result? Big, beautiful and most importantly, NATURAL sounding drums that will bring your productions to life.

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Wide Open Drums Volume 3 features six massive loop and sample sessions that bring an extra dose of liveliness and dimension to your mix. Taking a completely opposite approach from our Dry Drums series, Wide Open Drums brings the unmistakable realness of live drum loops and samples to any DAW.

Open up your mix (and drum sound) and instantly download Wide Open Drums in your choice of WAV, REX2, AIFF (Apple Loops) and Stylus RMX formats. 

Number of Loops & Samples: 379
Tempo Range: 95-136 BPM 

- Instant Download
- 100% Royalty Free
- High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio
- WAV, Stylus RMX, REX2 and AIFF (Apple Loops) Formats 

Sets included:
Birch Beats 118bpm
Brushes Three 130bpm
Funky Four 102bpm
Go Boom 95bpm
Studio A 110bpm
Tighten Up 136bpm
Preview below: