Live Dubstep - Multitrack Drums Session #9

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Live Dubstep - Multitrack Drums Session #9 4.8 5

Session #9 - "Live Dubstep"

With bombastic Bonham-inspired backbeats and highly syncopated Stewart Copeland-esque hi hat patterns, this Multitrack release infuses the excitement and articulation of live rock drums with the grimey, halftime feel of dubstep.  Clocking in at the dead center tempo of 140 bpm, "Live Dubstep" serves up a wide assortment of grooves and fills (yep, plenty of triplets), allowing endless possibilities for customizing your tracks.  And with the multitrack format, you have total control over every element of the kit; from gating and eq'ing the kick to filtering and throwing a delay on one of the snares (yep, we tracked two snares).

If you're a serious dubstep producer looking for real drums (with total control of the mix), or a songwriter looking to incorporate some dub elements into your own compositions, then "Live Dubstep" is the Multitrack Drum Session for you!

Preview the tracks:

Multitrack Configuration
Drum Kit:
Track 1 - Kick
Track 2 - Snare
Track 3 - High Snare
Track 4 - Floor Tom
Track 5 - Overhead Left
Track 6 - Overhead Right
Track 7 - Room

Track 8 - Crashes
Track 9 - Djembe
Track 10 - Udu
Track 11 - Cowbell
Track 12 - Shaker

Session Files: 24 bit, 48 KHZ WAV
Session Tempo: 140 bpm
Session Size: 781MB