Flutes of Fire

by The Loop Loft

$ 9,999.95

The finer things in life don't come cheap. Caviar, Ferraris, Chinchilla-lined mittens, just to name a few.  We believe the same holds true with flute loops.  Especially when they are recorded by one of the greatest flautists to ever walk the earth; Victor "El Fuego" Machatchka.  You may own his Grammy Award-winning albums, or have read his NY Times Best Selling-autobiography, but until you listen to these 9 loops recorded exclusively for The Loop Loft, you won't fully appreciate the virtuosity that is Machatchka.  And no, that's not reverb you hear.  That's the sound of genius resonating inside of Victor's tortured soul.

Along with offering this collection of loops in traditional audio formats such as WAV, AIFF and REX2, we're also the first loop company in the world to utilize cutting edge SNIFTI technology, bringing Victor's scent (a tantalizing combination of yellow onions, Johnnie Walker and Old Spice) directly to the user.  This file format, which is still under development at the MIT Media Lab, contains three separate channels of data; audio left, audio right and digital smell.  Never has the term "presence" been more appropriate when working with recorded tracks.

Number of Loops: 9
Tempo Range: 68-240 BPM

- Instant Download
- 100% Royalty Free
- High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio
- WAV, REX2, SNIFTI* and AIFF (Apple Loops) Formats

*Still awaiting ISO/IEC standardization 

Loops included:

Preview below: