Complete Takes Bundle

by The Loop Loft

$ 78.00 $ 156.00

The Complete Takes Bundle gives you instant access to our entire groundbreaking line of start to finish Multitrack Drum Sessions. Weighing in at a whopping 4.82 GB of high quality, 24 bit 48kHz wav files, the Complete Takes Bundle contains 12 separate Multitrack Drum sessions (each 3-4 minutes in length).

Included in The Bundle:
Bundle Specs:
12 Complete Song Sessions
10 Individual Tracks in Each Session
Total Size:  4.82 GB
24 bit 48 kHz WAV

About Complete Takes:

Tired of piecing together dozens of loops to make a song?  Do you prefer the flexibility of real, multitrack drums when you mix? Complete Takes is the drum solution you've been waiting for.

From the four stick clicks counting off the track, to the final crash of the last measure, Complete Takes provides you with 3 full songs, including 10 individual tracks of pristine drums and percussion recorded live at The Loop Loft.  

Each session clocks in at 3-4 minutes in length and is pre-arranged in a traditional song structure (intro, verse, chorus etc.).  Just drag and drop into your favorite DAW and start working with a fully arranged performance of multitrack drums!

Preview below: *note - voiceover does not appear on the actual audio files