MIDI Drum Loop Bundle

by The Loop Loft

$ 202.00 $ 812.00

We've bundled all 29 of our popular MIDI Drum Loop sessions, providing you with a massive range of the authentic and unique grooves that The Loop Loft is known for. Consisting of chart-topping Classic Beats, our genre-spanning Drumatic Beats, the über-hip Indie Rock Drums, the funktastic Funk Drums, the lengthy Long Loops, the super shufflin' Blue Drums, the essential Fills Unlimited, the revolutionary Linear Drums, the powerful Epic Drums, the beyond breakbeats Flipped Drums, and the angular yet highly musical Odd Meter Drums, The MIDI Drum Bundle is packed full of inspiring loops that will take your compositions to the next level.

This entire collection is compatible with every DAW including Ableton Live, Bitwig, Reason, GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and any other program that utilizes MIDI files.

Blues Drums
Classic Beats
Drumatic Beats
Epic Drums 1
Epic Drums 2
Fills Unlimited
Flipped Drums 1
Flipped Drums 2
Flipped Drums 3
Funk Drums 1
Funk Drums 2
Indie Rock Drums Vol 1
Indie Rock Drums Vol 2
Linear Drums 1
Linear Drums 2
Linear Drums 3
Long Loops 1
Long Loops 2
Long Loops 3
Long Loops 4
Long Loops 5
Long Loops 6
Nothing But Three 1
Nothing But Three 2
Odd Meter Drums 1
Odd Meter Drums 2
Odd Meter Drums 3
Pocket Drums 1
Triplet Drums 1 MIDI Drum Loops for Dummies:


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