Complete Takes - Vol 4

by The Loop Loft

$ 39.00

Looking for big, warm, natural multitrack drum sounds?  Complete Takes Volume 4 has you covered in all areas.   With 3 separate recording sessions (each containing 10 individual drum and percussion tracks) spanning a range of grooves from uptempo rock, to earthy folk and and sweeping brush backbeats, this release gives you instant access to some of the finest sounding (and feeling) drum tracks The Loop Loft has ever produced.

Vol 4 Specs:

3 Complete Song Sessions
10 Individual Drum & Percussion Tracks
Total Size: 987 MB
24 bit 48 kHz WAV Files

Song #1 - Late Night Drive
Part indie rock, part dance club, this session takes some aggressive 4/4 drumming at 137 bpm and combines it up with a range of four on the floor, driving grooves.  Top it off with a classic Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum and some serious (but snappy) low end on the kick, and you've got yourself the perfect foundation for a track that can crossover into a mix of genres.

Song #2 - Analog Brushes
This session is a nod to the great Russ Kunkell (session drummer famous for bringing brush-based backbeats into pop music with the likes of James Taylor and Carly Simon in the 1970's).  With vintage maple drums and a solid, deep in the pocket performance, this session is the perfect starting point for any singer songwriter looking for brush drum tracks.

Song #3 - Funky Folk
If mixing funk beats with folk music is wrong, then we don't want to be right.  At a laid back 90 bpm, this session infuses syncopated snare and bass drum work, with an earthy, Americana approach to the drums.  It's Levon Helm (The Band) meets Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown), complete with plenty of cowbell.

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About Complete Takes:

Tired of piecing together dozens of loops to make a song? Do you prefer the flexibility of real, multitrack drums when you mix? Complete Takes is the drum solution you've been waiting for.

From the four stick clicks counting off the track, to the final crash of the last measure,Complete Takes provides you with 3 full songs, including 10 individual tracks of pristine drums and percussion recorded live at The Loop Loft. 

Each session clocks in at 3-4 minutes in length and is pre-arranged in a traditional song structure (intro, verse, chorus etc.).  Just drag and drop into your favorite DAW and start working with a fully arranged performance of multitrack drums!

Preview below: