Celso Alberti - Brazilian Drums & Percussion Vol 2

by The Loop Loft

$ 39.00
The Loop Loft teamed up again with Celso Alberti (Steve Winwood, Airto, Flora Purim, Herbie Mann) to produce Volume 2 of the massively popular Brazilian Drums and Percussion series, resulting in the most in-depth collection of Brazilian grooves ever recorded.  Expanding on both loops, instruments and sounds, Volume 2 explores highly authentic rhythms and feels from all over Brazil including candomblé, maculelê, maracatu, quadrilha and many others.

In addition to the hundreds of loops included in Volume 2, The Loop Loft sampled Celso's vast collection of Brazilian percussion instruments in stunning 24-bit clarity.  From agogo bells, to surdo drums, to caxixi shakers, to pandeiros, the sound of Brazil is now at your fingertips (and in your sampler).  And with loops available in WAV, REX2, AIFF (Apple Loops), Stylus RMX and Reason ReFill formats, you can easily use Celso Alberti's Brazilian Drums with any DAW on the market!

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"Brazilian drummer and percussionist extraordinaire Celso Alberti returns with Brazilian Drums & Percussion Volume 2, a collection of 104 samples and 375 loops comprising 19 traditional rhythms. As before, Alberti’s performances are technically precise yet still brimming with authentic groove and feel—and the 24-bit audio quality is absolutely stunning. A must have for anyone seeking to spice up their tracks." Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

Technical Specs: 
Number of Loops: 375
Number of Samples: 104
Tempo Range: 75-240 BPM
File Size: 485 MB

- Instant Download
- 100% Royalty Free
- High Quality 24 Bit Audio
- WAV, REX2, Stylus RMX and AIFF (Apple Loops) Formats

Complete Groove List:

Batucada Kit 120 bpm 
Boi Bumba 95 bpm 
Caboclinho 130 bpm 
Caboclinho 140 bpm 
Caboclinho Perc 130 bpm 
Calango 110 bpm 
Calango 80 bpm
Calango Perc 80 bpm 
Candomblé 4/4 100 bpm 
Candomblé 6/8 180 bpm 
Candomblé Perc 100 bpm 
Candomblé Perc 6/8 180 bpm 
Chula 95 bpm
Coco Perc 110 bpm 
Forro Funk 110 bpm 
Forro Funk 125 bpm 
Forro Funk Perc 125 bpm 
Guarania 135 bpm 
Guarania Perc 135 bpm 
Maculelê 140 bpm 
Maculelê Perc 140 bpm 
Mangue 120 bpm 
Maracatu 100 bpm 
Maracatu 114 bpm 
Maracatu Perc 100 bpm 
Marcha Brushes 100 bpm 
Maxixe 114 bpm 
Quadrilha 140 bpm 
Quadrilha Perc 140 bpm 
Rancheira 3/4 186 bpm 
Rancheira Perc 186 bpm 
Reversed Partido Alto 90 bpm
Samba 5/4 149 bpm 
Samba 5/4 Perc 149 bpm 
Samba 7/4 140 bpm 
Samba 7/4 240 bpm 
Samba 7/4 Perc 140 bpm 
Samba 7/4 Perc 240 bpm 
Samba Afro 120 bpm 
Samba Brushes 100 bpm 
Samba Brushes 120 bpm 
Samba Cruzado 90 bpm 
Samba Cruzado 95 bpm 
Samba Funk 145 bpm 
Samba Funk Brushes 120 bpm
Zabumba 113 bpm
Preview below: