Video: Using Multiple Loops In Multiple Meters (all at the same time)

You were probably just asking yourself... "hmmm, is it possible to use multiple odd meter drum loops (in multiple odd time signatures) together at the same time, and make something that doesn't sound like a Dream Theater b-side?"  Well, you've come to the right place, because I've got your answer:  YES!  It's totally possible, and the results are pretty interesting.
In this video, I show you how to take three different loops in three time signatures (7/8, 7/4 & 15/8) and play them together inside of Reason.  It's easier than you might think, and it ends up creating a groove that changes slightly with every measure.
The MIDI loops utilized in this video come from our recently released Odd Meter MIDI Drums collection, while the 7/4 Rex loop comes from the Odd Meter Grooves Vol 2 pack, and lastly, the Kong Patch hails from our popular Cinematic Drums Vol 2 ReFIll.
January 30, 2012 by Ryan Gruss
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Pedestrian Monkey

Pedestrian Monkey said:

VERY f’in’ Kewl !!! It’s a whole new list of musical ingredients to add to my pallate. The best part is, and Idon’t remember you mentioning it, this is not a drum or percussion exclsuive process. Keep ’em coming Ryan.

norman fearrington

norman fearrington said:

I am a drummer and played with among many others, Jean Luc Ponty, who was part of the odd meter fusion scene of the 70’s-80’s. I bought the odd meter refill and it helped a lot with my film work. This video will probably only reach a few musicians that really understand but it is a great tool. Keep on carrying the torch.


ChefdeParty said:

‘6 Videos That Will Change The Way You Work With Drum Loops’

After viewing the first video i have writers block no more!

Thanks Ryan.

Todd Gillespie

Todd Gillespie said:

Awesome vid. Now i know how radiohead get it done. Thanks.


nicleT said:

1470 beats (in eight notes), so:
210 7/8 bars
105 7/4 bars
98 15/8 bars.

I Always loved to play outphased odd meters, life is build on odd meters, the universe is a…

Okay, okay !

Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes said:

this needs serious thought and possibly modern dance? !
Right down my street.

Paul Perkes

Paul Perkes said:

I knew most of this from a music theory standpoint but this video inspired me to do some experimentation. Great job! Cheers!

Mark Foster

Mark Foster said:

This is great! Thanks for the inspiration:)

Glenn Lestz

Glenn Lestz said:

Hey Ryan,
Nice work. Would be interested in seeing how this would work in Garage Band. Thanks.

Jon harper

Jon harper said:

Very nice good grv thanks


Damusitex said:

J’aurais du y penser plus tôt, I should have thought of that earlier, très chouette, very nice.
A better rythm for Paris.
Take care

Stefan budian

Stefan budian said:

You put It right: not realy lost, but you dont know, where the one is. It is a nice tension with a scent of uncontrolled freedom

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