Pro Tools Expert Review of Dry Drums Vol 4


Pro Tools Expert have reviewed our latest release, Dry Drums Vol 4.  Watch the video below to see (and hear) the results as they run this library through its paces inside of Spectrasonic's Stylus RMX:

Preview more of the back below and check out of the specs below.  To purchase and download the collection, just click here.

About Dry Drums:

Ever since Ringo Starr placed tea towels on his drums with The Beatles, the punchy, fat sound of "dry drums" has been sought after for decades.  With Dry Drums we give you this classic sound served up in a wide variety of loop sessions and meticulously sampled drum kits.

Recorded with an array of vintage mics, preamps and fully dampened heads, Dry Drums will easily sit in any mix, while providing the punch and clarity that is almost impossible to achieve with overly "live" sounding loops and samples.  Each session comes complete with a multitude of beats, fills and transitions, allowing you to easily arrange your own custom drum track in seconds.


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