The Vibes - Free TRAKTOR Stem

by The Loop Loft

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The Stems format is an exciting new way of DJing developed by Native Instruments last year. A Stem can be played back in Traktor DJ software like a regular song, but it has the added advantage of being able to isolate the song into four parts, that can be individually effected, muted, soloed, and layered on top of other songs. Want to lower the drums, filter the keys and mute the bass for a drop? Not a problem with a Stem file. As you can imagine, there are a ton of Stem available to download for some of the bigger songs in the industry, but what if you want to use lesser known parts in your sets so you have the control to make things a bit more unique? That’s where we come in. Introducing Loop Loft Stems

We’ll be periodically releasing Stems that combine some of our sample kits, and other pieces of gear that we have laying around the studio. The goal is to make sketches that are a bit more open in arrangement and composition than full tracks, so you have more flexibility to layer and tweak to taste. Today’s download, called “The Vibes” consists of a live drum kit from our Dry Drums series, live percussion from our Brazilian Drums and Percussion bundle, and live bass from our collection with Mark Kelley (The Roots). The final Stem channel contains some keyboard sounds from the new Korg Minologue and some good old Rhodes chords. To download the stem for free, just add to your cart and checkout! 

Don't own Traktor? Download the demo here and try it out.

Preview below: