The Money Beat(s) - Multitrack Drums Session #12

by The Loop Loft

$ 15.00

Session #12 - "The Money Beat(s)"

Every successful producer in pop music can agree that the "less is more" approach is a crucial element for making a hit track, especially when it comes to the drums.  No 32nd note fills.  No five against six polyrhythms. No bullsh*t.  Just a rock solid groove that holds down the time, while propelling the song up the charts.  AKA: "The Money Beat".
Our twelfth Multitrack Drum Session release stays true to this important ethos, serving up big 2 and 4 backbeats, a warm and punchy drum sound and just the right amount of variation, while staying true to the song.  If you're looking for jazz fusion jamming that only your musician buddies will tolerate, this isn't the pack for you.  If you're looking to craft a hit track with tasteful drums that serve the music, then you've come to the right place.  We proudly give you: The Money Beat(s).
Multitrack Configuration
Drum Kit:
Track 1 - Kick
Track 2 - Snare
Track 3 - Tom
Track 4 - Floor Tom
Track 5 - Overhead Left
Track 6 - Overhead Right
Track 7 - Room
Session Files: 24 bit, 48 KHZ WAV
Session Tempo: 112 bpm
Session Size: 508MB
Preview below:

About Multitrack Sessions - Live drum tracks that put you in control of the mix! 

Sometimes loops just aren't enough.  Do you ever wish you could ride the faders and control the individual elements of a live drum track?  Well, now you can.... and for only $15!  With our new series of multitrack drums, we provide you with over 9 separate tracks of drums and percussion, giving you full control over the level, EQ, compression and effects for each instrument.  

On top of that, we organize the sessions by song structure, breaking up different components of the song into different folders (intro, verse, chorus etc) and with each section of the song, we provide a multitude of groove and fill variations.  Just listen to the preview clip, drag and drop the multitrack files into your session and start arranging and mixing.  It's that easy.  And since the tracks are WAV files, they're compatible with every major DAW including Logic, Ableton, GarageBand, Cubase, Pro Tools and many others.

Watch the Multitrack Sessions in action: