The Indie Glock

by The Loop Loft

$ 19.00

The Indie Glock is the byproduct of the Bad Cat team searching for a solution to finding the perfect "Glock" sound to fit the modern day track. There are some great Glock sound's out there but many of them are simply too "clean", for lack of a better word. We wanted to create something that could sit in a track a little more naturally without the need for too much additional processing, something with a little more grit, with more of an "indie" vibe. Hence, The Indie Glock was born.



The Indie Glock was recorded using a Ribbon Mic, going through a heavily driven Tube preamp and pristine AD converters for maximum character. The resulting sound is something that fits well into any track that requires a Glock sound but could benefit from a little more realism as opposed to an overly pristine sound. Whether composing for Television, Film, Web, Games, or the general music industry, The deadlines are tighter than ever, & the importance of having tools at your disposal that can be instantiated, and require minimal effort to work, is key.


Bad Cats purpose was built off this philosophy, Providing affordable, high quality, tools that can be used in a pinch to get the job done. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just simply trying to fill the voids in areas that we all find ourselves scratching our head saying "I wish there was a better (or different) sounding library for _______".


  • Runs in Kontakt 5.3+ and EXS 24
  • Custom Impule Resonse
  • 498 MB Download
  • Control over attack, release, Reverb, & width
  • 2 different sets of samples for sustain & muted patch
  • The Kontakt version will only work in the full version of 5.3+.  It will also work in Kontakt player in demo mode which lasts 30 minutes
Preview below: