Reason ReFill - Funk Essentials

by The Loop Loft

$ 39.00
With 229 REX2 loops, 4 Combinators, 5 Kong and and 26 Dr Octo Rex Patches, The Funk Essentials ReFill is a collection of drum grooves and sounds inspired by everything from early Motown, spaced-out Funkadelic, dirty hip-hop, James Brown and everything else in between.


We took hundreds of super-funky rex drum loops and meticulously grouped them into custom Dr Octo Rex patches, allowing you to instantly trigger different beats and fills, all from a single player.  To step up the funkitude another level, we created a series of custom Combinator patches that give you hands-on tweakage over a plethora of custom racks created by The Loop Loft.  And with all of these funky drum samples mapped directly into Kong, you’ll breathe new life into your existing groove collection.  Just drop any MIDI file onto a track and let the Funk Essentials ReFill do rest!

It’s time to get funky inside of Reason.  It’s time for The Funk Essentials ReFill.

ReFill Specs: 
- 229 REX2 Loops & Samples
- 26 Dr Octo Rex Patches 
- 5 Kong Patches 
- 4 Combinator Patches 
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio 
- File size: 135 MB
NOTE - If you're a non-Reason user and would like these loops in pure WAV AIFF or REX2 format, you can purchase them here
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Preview below: