Pocket Drums Vol 1 - MIDI Drum Loops

by The Loop Loft

$ 29.00

Q. What's the magic ingredient in a drum beat that makes it feel good?

A. It's the "pocket". 

The pocket is that very special place where the beat sits. The space between the notes. The ghost notes between the backbeats. All of this plays a special role in creating the pocket and is the difference between a "stale" drum loop and one that instantly makes your track feel right.

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With Pocket Drums Vol 1, we've produced the first MIDI drum library entirely devoted to the pocket.  Featuring six different sessions (each focusing on a different vibe), we put some seriously deep pocket loops at your fingers, all organized into verses, choruses and fills.  Just drag, drop and let the pocket take over!

MIDI Drums For Dummies:

Pocket MIDI Sessions:
707 Pocket
Big Blues
Future EFX
In The Cut
Power Pocket
Session Ace

Preview below: