Long Loops Vol 5 - MIDI Drum Loops

by The Loop Loft

$ 29.00

Working with MIDI drums has never been easier (and more musical).  Introducing Long Loops Vol 5 - the latest addition to the groundbreaking Long Loops family of MIDI drums.  With a range of grooves covering cinematic, blues, rock, EDM and funk, Long Loops Vol 5 takes the pain out of editing in fills and transitions by including them at the end of every groove.

About Long Loops:
Are you tired of working with short, 1 to 2 bar loops? Do you find yourself altering loop patterns or manually programming fills for song transitions? Then Long Loops is the MIDI release you've been waiting for.

Recorded live by a top studio drummer, Long Loops features grooves ranging in length from 4 to 16 bars, with each loop containing slight "human" variations throughout the beat and appropriate fills in the last measure of each phrase. The result? You can now quickly build up entire verses, chorus, hooks and breakdowns by simply dragging and dropping a single loop into your arrangement.

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Preview below: *Note - Each preview is one complete loop.