Flipped Drums Vol 2 - MIDI Drum Loops

by The Loop Loft

$ 29.00

Due to popular demand with our first Flipped MIDI Drums release, we've produced an entirely new collection of MIDI drum loops designed to "flip" the way you feel the beat.  Flipped MIDI Drums Vol 2 features six unique sessions of grooves (with 20 loops in each session) that will inspire you into new rhythmic directions.

About Flipped Drums
Ready to go beyond breakbeats?  We just flipped the drum world in every direction but the usual 2 & 4 backbeats.  Introducing Flipped MIDI Drums Vol 1.  An entire collection of MIDI loops focused on live drum grooves, but flipped on their head, putting an entirely new syncopated dimension into your next production.

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MIDI Drum Sessions Included:
Feels Like Three
Furious Funk
Tom Fest
With Benefits
Preview below: