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1. Who engineered Led Zeppelin's classic song, "Whole Lotta Love"?
Eddie Kramer

2. How many inches wide is the tape on this Studer A820 machine?

3. Which DAW pictured below is Bitwig?

4. Who drummed on Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"?
Omar Hakim

5. What microphone was used for Frank Sinatra's vocals on "I Got You Under My Skin"?
Neumann U47

6. How many members were in the band Cream?

7. Where was Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album recorded?
Westlake Studios

8. Which console was used to record Nirvana's “Nevermind” album?
Neve 8028

9. How many keys are on the Yamaha DX7 keyboard?

10. In what year was MIDI introduced?

11. What drum machine was used on Prince's "1999"?
Linn LM-1

12. Which one of these is not an audio compressor?

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