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Sales, Marketing, Strategy: Musical Instruments, Consumer Technology
Helping client companies capitalize on change and challenge.

The Loop Loft team of management professionals brings decades of expertise, education, and energy to assist your business in meeting the challenges of today’s rapidly shifting business environment. Contact us to start the conversation.

From sales to strategy, marketing to media management, and product development to process improvement, The Loop Loft Services has the tools, team, and network to help companies win amidst constant change.
Product and Brand Management
Analyze changes in markets, categories, and customers to identify and develop profitable new products and areas for brand development.
Strategy Innovation
Create new business models, create new revenue streams, increase competitiveness, and drive growth through innovation.
Business Development
Identify and build relationships with external firms for creating value through partnership, strategic alliance, and M&A.

Marketing Management
Maximize every interaction with customers across channels and media to create loyalty. Innovative technology enables increased revenue and reduced costs.

Operations and Process
Improve operating efficiency and communication among functional department, as well as vendors and customers for enhanced effectiveness and profitability.
Sales Leadership
Sell into distribution and retail, and train and incentivize retail sales to sell through. Build optimized captive and external teams of sales professionals tailored to needs of the organization.

Organizational Development 
Attract top-level talent and improve retention through performance measurement, career development, and effective leadership. Implement organizational design to service the strategy and objectives of the organization. 
Consulting services we provide:
Corporate, Business, and Marketing Strategy
Sales Management, Distribution, and E-Commerce
Technology-Driven Marketing Management
Product, Brand, and Process Innovation
Business Analytics and Optimization
Partnership, Strategic Alliance, Merger, and Acquisition

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