Reason ReFill - Indie Rock Drums Vol 2

by The Loop Loft

$ 39.00
Following on the success of our first Indie Rock Drums ReFill, Volume 2 delves even deeper into the many subgenres (and sounds) of indie rock.  From the post-hardcore aggressiveness of Fugazi, to the slapbacked echos of Built to Spill, to the gritty blues of The Black Keys, this collection of loops and samples will give you those authentic DIY drums you've been searching for.

Recorded through classic Universal Audio 610 preamps, all of the loops are loaded into 28 unique Dr. Octo Rex patches, allowing you to quickly build custom drum arrangements tailored to your own songs.  We also individually sampled every drum and cymbal from all of the sessions and created custom Kong and ReDrum patches, giving you the option to program your own beats utilizing our drum sounds.

On top of that, we designed a series of Combinators which tap into all of the great new effects in Reason 6, including The Echo, Pulveriser and Aligator. Combine that with feels ranging from Ted Leo-inspired uptempo shuffles to Pedro the Lion-esque 6/8 backbeats, and you have a complete arsenal of authentic indie rock drums at your disposal.

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ReFill Specs: 

- 250 REX2 Loops
- 67 WAV Samples
- 28 Dr Octo Rex Patches 
- 6 Kong Patches
- 6 ReDrum Patches
- 4 Combinators
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 KHZ Audio 
- File size: 200 MB
Preview below: