Ableton Live Pack - The Art of Brushes

by The Loop Loft

$ 39.00
The Art of Brushes takes the warmth and timbre of vintage drums and hand-hammered cymbals and combines it with the depth and airiness of brushes, providing a lush and sophisticated rhythmic foundation for even the most discerning producer and songwriter.

The Loop Loft meticulously customized every aspect of The Art of Brushes to integrate seamlessly inside of Ableton Live.  A complete series of Live Sessions inside of the Pack will instantly get you up and running with a wide variety of drum grooves and fills and the hundreds of clips (organized by groove and tempo) will provide you with endless options of loops and transitions. 

The drum racks consist of samples taken directly from the loop sessions, providing the ability to create your own beats from scratch or utilize MIDI grooves, while keeping the warm and open sonic characteristics consistent with the original loops.

With styles ranging from funk, jazz, folk, ambient and rock, The Art of Brushes collection will provide you with the grooves, sounds, flexibility and inspiration you need to push the envelope inside of Live. 

Live Pack Specs: 

- 205 Clips 
- 4 Drum Racks
- 8 Live Sessions
- 259 Samples
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio 
- File size: 243 MB

System Requirements: 

Ableton Live Intro or Live
Version 8.2.1 or higher
2GB of RAM recommended

NOTE - If you're a non-Ableton user and would like these loops in pure WAV, REX2 or AIFF format, you can purchase them here.

Preview below: