Maschine Kit - Cinematic Drums 4

by The Loop Loft

$ 9.00
Thundering tom toms.  Mystical, metallic effects.  Pulsating undercurrents of rhythm.  The Cinematic Drums 4 MASCHINE Kit takes creative and inspiring samples to another level. If you compose music for the moving picture (or just want some amazing sounds and rhythms) Cinematic Drums 4 is the library you've been waiting for.

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About Maschine Kits

Maschine Kits from The Loop Loft contain hand-selected samples from our most popular collections.  From cinematic drums to authentic Brazilian percussion, to the actual drum kits of some of the world's most renowned drummers, Maschine Kits brings a completely new sonic palette to your fingertips.
Preview below: