ReFill Bundle

by The Loop Loft

$ 259.00 $ 1,039.00

We've bundled all twenty-four of our custom Reason ReFills together, providing you with the latest collections from The Loop Loft consisting of everything from world percussion, brush drums, slide guitar, electric bass, cinematic drums, old school hip hop beats, authentic Brazilian grooves, indie rock drums, super-soulful saxophone and much more.  

If you're a serious Propellerhead user who is looking to expand your sound and loop library with new patches for Kong, Combinator, Dr Octo Rex and ReDrum, then this is the bundle for you.  Check out the videos below for a detailed look inside each of the ReFills.

Included in the ReFill Bundle:
"The Dr. Octo Rex versions let you quickly mix and match eight loops in the same key, tempo, and style. The Kong versions use Kong’s NurseRex module to assign cohesive fragments of the sax loops and single hits from the percussion loops to Kong’s 16 pads. This makes it a snap to create your own loops or to substitute slices in their loops—it’s much quicker than hand-editing REX-derived MIDI files."
Preview below: Everything But Sticks ReFill Eric Harland "Looped Vol 1" Eric Harland "Looped Vol 2" Doug Wamble Slide Guitar ReFill Multitrack Drums Vol 1 ReFill Celso Alberti Brazilian Drums & Percussion ReFill Indie Rock Drums Vol 1 ReFill Indie Rock Drums Vol 2 ReFill Cinematic Drums Vol 1ReFill Doug Wamble Telecaster ReFill Cinematic Drums Vol 2ReFill Hip Hop Drums Vol ReFill Funk Essentials ReFill World Percussion Vol 1 ReFill Janek Gwizdala - The Fodera Sessions The Art of Brushes ReFill The Bob Reynolds Collection ReFill The Art of Brushes Vol 4 ReFill