The Platinum Pack - Save 90%!

$ 99.00

The Loop Loft just went 8X platinum and now so can you!  With over 8,000,000 kB (8.8 GB to be exact) of drum loops in our library, The Platinum Pack is a bundled collection featuring 40 of The Loop Loft's most popular loop and sample collections.  With everything from bebop brush grooves, to fli...
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Reason ReFill - The Bob Reynolds Collection

$ 39.00

Recorded over the course of several days in a Los Angeles studio, The Loop Loft worked directly with acclaimed saxophonist Bob Reynolds to produce 13 complete sessions of high quality sax recordings that have been specifically tailored for use inside of Reason.   Setting itself apart from stand...
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Linear Leverage - Multitrack Drums Session #5

$ 15.00

Session #5 - "Linear Leverage" Our fifth Multitrack Drum Session release delves into the unique style of "linear drumming".  This is a conceptual approach to playing where no two limbs hit at the same time, resulting in an intricate, yet musical flow broken up between the kick, snare and ...
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