Bop Mambo - Multitrack Drums Session #6
by The Loop Loft
Multitrack Drums
$ 15.00

Session #6 - "Bop Mambo"

Inspired heavily by the sound and feel of late 50's and early 60's Blue Note releases (notably, the albums engineered by the great Rudy Van Gelder), the Bop Mambo Multitrack Drum Sessions consist of a combination of uptempo bebop and latin-jazz tracks.  With a wide selection of delicate brush playing, thunderous snare roll crescendos, tribal tom grooves and syncopated swing, the Bop Mambo sessions is one of the most dynamic collections we've ever released.  If you're looking for tracks that recall the hard bop drumming of Elvin Jones, Max Roach or Art Blakey, then this is the Multitrack session for you!

Multitrack Configuration
Drum Kit:
Track 1 - Kick
Track 2 - Snare
Track 3 - Tom
Track 4 - Floor Tom
Track 5 - Overhead Left
Track 6 - Overhead Right
Track 7 - Room
Track 8 - Soft Shaker
Track 9 - Cowbell
Track 10 - Clave
Track 11 - African Shaker
Session Files: 24 bit, 48 KHZ WAV
Session Tempo: 260 bpm
Session Size: 550MB
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