Indie Rock Drums - MIDI Drum Loops

by The Loop Loft

$ 29.00

Are you tired of cheesy MIDI drum loops that sound like they were programmed by a product manager at Casio who has probably never drank a PBR in his life, let alone, been to a Lightning Bolt show?  Are those tired MIDI beats that came preloaded with your DAW cramping your indie rock lifestyle?  Well, The Loop Loft is here to save you.  

We spent months traveling across the United States, visiting various indie rock cities, towns and villages.   And through the natural wonders of musical osmosis, we soaked up the certain je ne sais quoi that goes into making quality indie rock drum beats.  In Wisconsin, we grew beards, picked up some brushes and got real folky.  In DC, we downed a fifth of Jäger, smashed it against the gates of The White House, and got our post-hardcore on.  In Seattle, we sat around and made fun of Portland for several hours, then cranked out some uptempo grooves, appropriate for any Sub Pop release.
This entire collection was recorded live on a drum kit, providing you with all of the subtleties and dynamics that can only come from a drummer that is currently living at his girlfriend's place.

Tip - This MIDI Session pairs extremely well with the audio loops & samples contained in our Indie Rock Bundle (as heard in the previews).
This collection is compatible with every DAW including Ableton Live, Reason, GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and any other program that utilizes .mid files.  

MIDI Drum Sessions:
Preview below: