Live Dubstep - Multitrack Drums Session #9

$ 15.00

Session #9 - "Live Dubstep" With bombastic Bonham-inspired backbeats and highly syncopated Stewart Copeland-esque hi hat patterns, this Multitrack release infuses the excitement and articulation of live rock drums with the grimey, halftime feel of dubstep.  Clocking in at the dead center ...
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Multitrack Drums Master Bundle

$ 180.00 $ 108.00

The Multitrack Drums Master Bundle gives you instant access to every single release in the Multitrack Series (a whopping 7 GB of drums), all at an 80% discount (offer ends soon)! With collections ranging from Motown, to dubstep, to jazz, to rock, you'll never be at a loss for quality, multitrack...
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