Blues Drums Volume 2

by The Loop Loft

$ 39.00
Introducing Blues Drums Volume 2. Following on the success of our initial blues release, this collection delves into even more stylistic and sonic territory, providing the authentic blues grooves you've been searching for.

From classic Bo Diddley-esque boogies, to sparse and slow 12/8 back beats, to Chicago-style shuffles, Blues Drums Volume 2 will round out your groove arsenal with the 100% natural drum sound (and feel) the Loop Loft is famous for.

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Each session contains dozens of groove variations, fills, and transitions, allowing you to easily build a custom drum track in seconds. We also meticulously sampled every drum and cymbal on a multitude of kits (Ludwig, Gretsch and Slingerland), giving you incredible flexibility for layering and designing your own grooves.

Number of Loops: 227
Number of Samples: 45 
File Size: 340 MB 

- Instant Download
- 100% Royalty Free
- High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio
- Stylus RMX, WAV, REX2 & AIFF (Apple Loops)

Sets included:
Sweet Home 88
Classic Shuffle 106
Diddley Squat 198
Vulturistic 97
Weight 134

Preview below: