Reason ReFill - Cinematic Drums

by The Loop Loft

$ 39.00
Produced specifically with the big screen in mind, the Cinematic Drums ReFill for Reason contains loops and samples that will quickly conjure up specific moods and imagery in your tracks.  From thunderous walls of pounding toms, to angst-ridden, heart pulsing beats, this collection is a must-have for anyone who composes for the moving picture.  We also meticulously sampled every individual drum, cymbal and yes, pot and pan, allowing you to quickly program your own grooves using our custom Kong and Redrum patches.

But don't let the name of this collection fool you, Cinematic Drums can also add an extra sonic dimension to your pop, rock, dance and jazz tracks.  Slide in some Civil War era field drums under a traditional drum set groove or layer timpani-esque toms on top of your 808 loops and you'll quickly have the extra depth in your productions that standard loop sets simply can't provide.

ReFill Specs: 
- 167 REX2 Loops & Samples
- 13 Dr Octo Rex Patches 
- 4 Kong Patches 
- 4 ReDrum Patches 
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio 
- File size: 105 MB
NOTE - If you're a non-Reason user and would like these loops in WAV AIFF or REX2 format, you can purchase them here.
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Preview below: