Ableton Live Pack - Funk Essentials Vol 4

by The Loop Loft

$ 49.00

 Live Pack

Crisp, dry snares. Fat, punchy kicks. Incredibly funky grooves. The Funk Essentials Vol 4 Live Pack brings back the vintage sound and feel of live funk drums from the late 60's and 70's. Six unique sessions serve up a wide range of authentic funk drum grooves, ranging from James Brown-inspired syncopation, laid-back Stax backbeats and Motown-infused pocket, all customized for Ableton Live and Push.

Each session was recorded utilizing different drum kits, cymbals and mics, resulting in six distinct "vibes" of both loops and samples. Whether you're triggering one of the hundreds of drum loops in Live, or programing your own beats with the six custom drum racks, you'll have the vintage and authentic funk drum sound that has been sought after for decades.

Live Pack Includes:

Audio Clips - .alc files made from the audio loops ready to be used in Ableton projects with correct warp points and tempo information.

MIDI Loop Clips - These are the MIDI loop files you provided pre-mapped to the drum kit made from the individual drum sample machine

Mono-Slice Clips - These are drum rack instruments made of individual slices of all drum loops in mono mode. This means each drum slice will cut off another drum slice and there are master macro controls for adjusting specific parameters.

Poly-Slice Clips - These are drum rack instruments made of individual slices of all drum loops in poly mode. This means multiple drum slices can be layered on top of one another to create new patterns and grooves.


Drum Samples - This folder contains a drum kit made of the individual drum samples from the sample pack. It also contains individual drum modules which can be used in other drum racks.

Mono-Slice Kits - These are the kits generated from the Mono-Slice Clips. They can be used for creating and remixing new loops.

Poly-Slice Kits - These are the kits generated from the Poly-Slice Clips. They can be used for creating and remixing new loops.


Builder - a stutter and transition / riser effects

Dirty Compressor - The Glue Compressor with an added overdrive circuit

Drum Buster I and Drum Buster II - Specialized drum mangling processors for creative sound design.

Frequency Spacer - A multi-band tool for spacializing and processing frequency bands

Multi Tube - A multi-band tube saturation and distortion unit

Rolling Room - A reverb processing unit for adding two distinct room sounds to a dry signal

Second Perspective - A vintage inspired mastering EQ and harmonic saturation device

Sub Boost - A device for boosting and mixing sub frequencies with an original signal

Classic EQ - A four band classic design EQ with multi-band interaction, saturation and other classic features.

Neatinizer - A simple processor for making sound more neat and compact. Features stereo width, pan, 0-50ms Dual Mono Delay and Auto Panning.

Studio Plate - A reverb effect which blends between a direct sound and virtual room sound sent to classic plate style reverb.

Move Repeater - A quick LCR panning effect with built-in Ping-Pong Delay. Note that when “Send to Delay” is set to -18.0dB no delay will be heard.

VL1K Tube Compressor - A powerful compressor effect which is capable of extreme saturation and quickly compressing signals using a single peak reduction knob.

Bit Smasher - A bit crushing tool for Tone Shaping and Sound Destruction.

Old Age - A device for quickly recreating the character of yesterday. Mixable between a discrete Analog and Digital character.

Pure Phase - A device for creating phase cancellations using extreme EQ boosts.

Small Digital Room - A device for creating the small room sound from early digital reverb units.

Snappy Compressor - A compressor designed for snappy attacks and subtle to extreme saturation characteristics.

Tone Box - A tilt EQ with the ability to add curves and boosts at the extreme ranges.


Demo Kits - This includes 10 unique drum patterns and beats which showcase the sound design and musical possibilities of the Live Pack.

Audio Clips - A live set including all of the audio clip loops.

MIDI Clips - A live set including all of the MIDI clip loops.

5 Mono Slice Sets - Live sets including all of the mono slice loops.

5 Poly Slice Sets - Live sets including all of the poly slice loops.


This is a folder contains .agr files from each loop which can be used to quantize other MIDI and audio clips in Ableton using the groove pool.

Live Pack Includes: 
- Instant Download 
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio 
- File size: 370 MB

System Requirements: 
Ableton Live Intro or Live
Version 8.2.1 or higher
2GB of RAM recommended
NOTE - If you're a non-Ableton user and would like these loops in pure WAV, REX2 or AIFF format, you can purchase them here.
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