10 Reasons Why You Should Use Loops


Imagine this! While listening to your favorite song you come up with a new beat in the mind that can best redefine a song. You have an idea, but how is it going to be possible? With no special background in music composition, it might seem difficult. Music lovers, who don’t have costly musical instruments, can make use of loops to add creativity in an existing song or compose a new song.


A loop comprises small section of a song that is used to play infinitely. They provide an innovative solution for representing old boring stuff in the new dimensions. Loops editing helps in recycling audio/video content and generate remixes of a particular song.

Nowadays, loops are very popular and all big artists of the music industry are redefining their creations using loops. Among these, the most commonly used are drum loops and guitar loops.

 There are several good reasons for using loops by an individual and some of them are described below:

Fresher’s Can Apply Loops

Loops are used to repeat a song section in order to create a specific pattern. Beginning with loops, require no knowledge about instrument’s functionality in advance. It means anyone interested in music can compose their own song easily.



Easy to Use

Loop software hide functional complexities from the user and provides easy-to-use interface. Softwares such as Audio finder and sound grinder make it simple to edit loops. Loop recorded can be slowed down or restarted, as required. Some people can add their favorite song loops in a single file; containing audio’s of different artists and listens to them.

A Useful Medium to Be Creative

A lot of creativity is involved when working with loops. Creativity always leads to good music composition. Adding fresh ideas to the existing loops is easy, which otherwise may require a lot of time and effort.

Room for Experimentation

If you love to experiment, loops provide a lot of space to perform experiments. Specifically designed tools and wide variety software’s offer vibrant opportunities to the curious user groups.

Value with Velocity

Most of the instruments have been recorded as loops such as bass loops and percussion loops. They save you time and money, and even when you lack formal training in playing instruments, they come a lot handy. For example, amazing guitar loops are already included with logic can be freely downloaded and rarely lacks in value as compared to the original ones. All the shortlisted loops can be combined and tested, before their final inclusion into a music file. Quick results and high quality is possible with loops.


No Need of Equipment

One need not to be a proud pianist, and own his own equipment. All you need is a software package based on your choice such as DAW (digital audio workstation). In this digital world, it is beneficial to opt for loops and give a desired shape to your imagination.

An Inexpensive Option

Loops are an inexpensive option to create professional music. Their use saves time and the cost of recording or attending live concert for desired loops.

Bright Future

Loops are driving the future of modern music production. They are heavily used in mobile industry, to create sound effects in gaming. Loops provide enough flexibility to music studio’s for quality production. Film producers in large numbers are adopting this solution to add more interesting element in their movies. Looping also holds many strong options that are going to benefit and holds a bright future. 

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I am Ryan Gruss loves to play with music. I am in this industry from many years. I am continuously serving my customers all over the world with the music loops. I create loops and with different varieties and have gained very good fame and name of my organization Thelooploft. I love writing also and I write blogs and articles related to music.

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