VIDEO: An Inside Look At Moog HQ


Wondering what it looks like inside the headquarters of the world's greatest analogue synth maker? Our friends at Vintage King took their camera's down to Moog's Asheville, North Carolina facility and captured some incredible, behind the scenes footage of what goes into making these iconic, handbuilt instruments.


About Moog: 
The Moog company pioneered the commercial manufacture of modular voltage-controlled analog synthesizer systems in the mid 1960s. The technological development that led to the creation of the Moog synthesizer was the invention of the transistor, which enabled researchers like Moog to build electronic music systems that were considerably smaller, cheaper and far more reliable than earlier vacuum tube-based systems. More info...

Moog Synth

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  • very cool, thanks so much Ryan for this video tour. I wish I never sold my mini moog I bought in Vancouver, BC in the the seventies. I sold it for $200.00 about 20years ago.

    thanks again

    robert on

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