The Ultimate Guitar Demo?


It's no secret that different styles of guitars have different sounds, but it's amazing to sit back and watch one of the world's greatest guitar players demonstrate the unique sonic qualities of a Stratocaster, Les Paul, a resonator and an acoustic.


Enjoy this video of Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) playing a variety of guitars and explaining how the different tones and timbres of each of them inspired him to write some of the most popular songs in modern history.

What's your favorite guitar, and why? Let us know below in the comments.


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  • Great!! One of the most important about playing, besides playing the right note is getting the sound that will enhance your playing. Thanks for the Demo.
    martin d28 2017

    David Smith on
  • Thanks for sharing!
    Mr Knopfler was one of the main inspirations for me to play the guitar.
    Never had money for Martins or Taylors… 40+ year old Yamaha FG180…. and in later years, Strat and PRS….
    Perhaps a Taylor or Martin before i have to wear the pine suit.. :)

    Joe on
  • Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s very educational and inspiring… though I don’t play very well… I just play! Great vid.

    Aust on
  • Thanks for sharing this fabulous stuff. I like my HD28VS and my 50 year old Dobro steel which I bottleneck…

    Po Cholly Robertson on
  • One of the coolest things I’ve seen on Knopfler by Knopfler. Nobody sound like him except….him! Thanks for this!

    blake Havard on
  • Martin D28

    Sandi Gulley on

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