Ryan's Corner

How to create Ableton Drum Racks with Scrollable Pad Banks

by Cliff Callender on - 3 Comments

One of the biggest time wasters we deal with as producers is sifting through folder after folder of one shot sounds each time we start a song. Luckily, if you're...

Watch Pink Floyd perform Cymbaline live in a Church

by Cliff Callender on - 1 Comment

  Pink Floyd's "Cymbaline" is one of our favorites from the band, so to see it performed in such an...

5 Ableton Keyboard Shortcuts you Should Memorize Today

by Cliff Callender on - 3 Comments

Keyboard shortcuts are an invaluable tool in a producer's workflow. It may just seem like a minor convenience to not...

(Video) Check out this Rare Rage Against the Machine Performance from 1992

by Cliff Callender on - 2 Comments

It's safe to say they started out pretty darn good ?

#LoftLessons: Blending Drum Loops and Programmed Drums in Ableton Live 9.5

by Cliff Callender on - 6 Comments

We're pleased to introduce ‪#‎LoftLessons‬, a regular tutorial series focusing on production and mixing techniques...

A Virtual All-Star Jam in Stylus RMX

by Ryan Gruss on

What would happen if you took some of the world's greatest musicians (including Matt Chamberlain, Mino Cinélu, Joey Waronker, Charlie...

The Loop Loft All-Stars Live in NYC

by Ryan Gruss on - 4 Comments

We gathered an all-star lineup of musicians from The Loop Loft to set up and play at Guitar Center in NYC.  No rehearsal.  No agenda.  Just...

Video: Charlie Hunter at the Portland Jazz Fest

by Ryan Gruss on

Loop Loft artist, Charlie Hunter, performed at the Portland Jazz Festival earlier this year, and fortunately an incredible video of the concert has surfaced on the internets!...