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Linear Lockdown feat. Charlie Hunter

by Ryan Gruss on - 41 Comments

This video initially started off as me just drumming by myself and doing my best impersonation of the great David Garibaldi, running through a variety of linear grooves...

The Loop Loft All-Stars Live in NYC

by Ryan Gruss on - 4 Comments

We gathered an all-star lineup of musicians from The Loop Loft to set up and play at Guitar Center in NYC.  No rehearsal.  No agenda.  Just...

VIDEO: Interview with Charlie Hunter

by Ryan Gruss on

While on tour last month, Loop Loft artist, Charlie Hunter stopped into Premier Guitar headquarters to talk about the blues and play some tunes.  Check it...

VIDEO: Using fast jazz and bebop loops inside of Stylus RMX

by Ryan Gruss on

In this video I show you how to use faster jazz and bebop drum loops (200 bpm+) inside of Stylus RMX.  To demonstrate the process, I match...

Hunter/Harland Remix Contest - Win Over $2K in Prizes from SoundCloud, Propellerhead & The Loop Loft!

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Video: Charlie Hunter at the Portland Jazz Fest

by Ryan Gruss on

Loop Loft artist, Charlie Hunter, performed at the Portland Jazz Festival earlier this year, and fortunately an incredible video of the concert has surfaced on the internets!...

Charlie Hunter Gets "Looped"!

by Ryan Gruss on

Charlie Hunter Gets “Looped” in New Release from The Loop Loft — A 1.68GB loop collection that captures Hunter’s genius, and lets users incorporate it in their...