One Mic - One Instrument: Melodic Tongue Drum + XLN Audio RC-20 and Soundtoys Effect Rack


Click here to download the loops! 

For this One Mic - One Instrument video I recorded a melodic tongue drum that was loaned to me from Alex at Rosson Audio and then added some effects using the amazing RC-20 (Double Tracking 1 preset) from XLN Audio and the Effect Rack (Ambient Dotted Eighth preset) from Soundtoys. On top of that, I layered a drum loop from the great Joey Waronker (Mono Slap collection from his Vol 3 Loop Loft release) to tie it all together.

*Make sure you download from your desktop computer. You will need to do this in order to extract the zip file containing the loops.

Tongue Drum Loops

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