Creative Approaches: Working with Loops in Your DAW


Creative Approaches is a new video series in which we'll explore different ways to spice up your productions using loops from The Loop Loft.

In the first video, Marcus Huyskens introduces us to a few basic concepts for working with loops, and demonstrates some different workflows using various D.A.W.S, including Studio 1, Pro-Tools and Logic Pro.



Get Instant access to the world's top studio musicians with The Loop Loft.

If you're a serious producer, engineer or songwriter user looking for the best live loop available anywhere, then The Loop Loft is the library you've been waiting for.

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    Aira on
  • You just increased my Loop Loft collection by 1000x
    I thought PT Elastic Audio was too involved until I saw your demonstration
    Thanks so much

    Joe Cunningham on
  • Mahalo. Marcus. I also work in Studio One 3 Pro and ran into an issue where I could audition the file in the browser, drag and drop it, and everything was fine with tempo conversion and/or file stretching. That is, until I started moving sections around in the Arranger window. Then, some of these would be randomly inaudible, either in the window, the browser, or both. Some were files that were used and some were not. When I reported this to PreSonus Tech Support, the reply was “This is a known issue and will be corrected later (later?!?) in SO4.” I think (fingers crossed) I’ve resolved this by re-structuring the Studio One default iCloud file storage architecture, so that all the files and folders information the program needs to “see” are located uniformly, instead of spread out. I also routinely check the “external” and “missing” files options before closing the song. This ensures that SO3P does not have to search harder than a Washington D.C. Special Prosecutor, for relevant information when re-opening the song. Re-naming your songs is also a good idea, because SO3 defaults to the user name and date otherwise, and this also makes it more challenging to locate the file you’re after. Anyways, kudos to The Loop Loft for great tracks by killer artists, as well as this series of product tutorials. ’Looking forward to the next installment of both. Aloha. (>]:o)~

    Pat da Hat on
  • Do you have control of each drum? on different tracks

    John Moore on
  • I would love to see how some of the loops can be converted to 6/4, 5/8 or 7/8 or if they can. Thanks!

    Tolbert Pitman on
  • I have audicity in ubuntustudio so i dont this fitt me soorry

    Dan-Roger Blomgren on
  • Looking forward to more of these. Might be cool to break them apart by DAW eventually.

    Steve on

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